In the middle of nowhere at a distance of forever from everywhere…

So, everyone said this place is too deserted and it’s not on the way and you might waste a lot of time reaching there and it’s not all that safe, et al. but in spite of all this we decide that this is a place we don’t want to leave untrodden.


Tso Moriri, Ladakh, India.

How to get there:

This place is roughly around 6-8 hours(with a stopover and given that there are no delays that are caused due to weather) drive from Leh district, (connected to Srinagar via national highway 1D), out of which for around 2-3 hours you would not encounter any human settlements or humans(or at least we did not) other than the passengers in the vehicle, that you are travelling in.

The path cuts through a hilly terrain with an occasional river zigzagging around the road; which is far from any sort of a concrete road, like most roads in the Ladakh region.

The journey to this place contributed a lot as to why this place bumped to the top of the list of my favorite places to visit in India. The landscape around you swallows you whole making you feel so puny, vulnerable and unimportant that you start to get a sneak-peak of the bigger picture in life.


What’s so special about Tso Moriri?

Once you get there you get to witness that, the habitat around the Lake Moriri has a very undiminished feel and stands like a colossal being smirking at you. With countable human-beings around Tso Moriri this place has a very strong charm that adds to its aura.

You do not fail to appreciate the beauty around the lake with a panoramic view so magnificent that you cannot help but be ensorcelled by it. Humongous mountains of around 6000 meters in height encircle the abundant ecosystem of the lake as though protecting it from ominous forces.

With an altitude elevation of almost 15000 feet above sea level camping here and battling hypoxia gives the word ‘adventure’ a whole new meaning. This place will certainly give you the chills and make you apprehensive throughout your stay which in turn will make it your favorite place by hard-coding these memories in your brain and bringing a smile on your face whenever you visit them.